Where can one find Happiness?

The most common thing to say that makes absolute sense is that there is no ultimate definition for happinesss. When we do things we like, we are happy. It certainly makes sense to say that we should find meaning in the little things we do in life, and that’s where we source our happiness from. If we wait for it to happen we might as well wait forever. And thus, we frequently come across phrases like, “it’s in the little things in life where we find happiness”, or “don’t wait for happiness to happen, you make it happen “, etc.

Allow me to give a brief outline on the underlying meaning of these phrases. Why it’s said that happiness is in the little things in life or that we shouldn’t wait for it to happen and rather make it happen is because quite often we forget and go off track in our chase for happiness. For instance, say you set a goal, and you tell yourself that it’s all you ever want and that achieving it is the only way you can be happy. And you start to make promises to treat yourself and to do all the cool things you’ve always wanted to do after you get that one thing you’ve been aiming for. Doing this is basically keeping your life on hold, until God knows when. In this scenario two things can happen. One, you succeed. Now you’re happy, then comes the question, what next? Second is, you fail and now your wait for happiness is even more stretched. And not everybody’s promised a long long life, so would it be wise to use our uncertain time waiting? My point here is that if you tie your happiness to your goals, you are more likely to remain unhappy, because with time people change and so does their goals. People are always hungry for new things. Even if you achieved the one thing you’ve always wanted, sooner or later you’ll be starving for something new. Unless you learn to celebrate the small things, you’ll never be content with anything in life. So it’s safe to say that we cannot find happiness simply by making an agreement with our goals. Even if we did it’s short lived.


Not meaning to say that we shouldn’t have goals, one certainly need to set goals in life (big or small) because it’s a necessity in life for it allow us to move forward and grow. But one shouldn’t tie in happiness with it. It doesn’t work that way.

Now here comes the interesting part. What if I say it is also debatable to say happiness is in the little things we encounter in our everyday lives. Well I don’t mean it’s entirely false but that’s not where happiness originates from. There’s this Tibetan saying, I don’t remember where I read it but it goes something like this, “Seeking happiness outside ourselves is like waiting for sun to rise in a cave facing north.” So on point. Take a moment and let it sink in —� For the highest quality of happiness, its consistency, and for its longevity, it should originate from within yourself. It all starts with YOU. You must first learn to be happy at home, at your own space, before you look elsewhere — and you are your home.

That being said, a very common mistake most people commit is seeking for happiness in tangible things. Because for the most part seeing and feeling is believing. To isolate oneself and meditate is the last thing people think of doing. Which is vastly understandable considering the poor quality and the rushed pace life is at.

But now that you know, why don’t you take a step back from all the hustles, take a breath, refocus on what matters the most and give life a chance. The answers are right there with you. Have a little patience. Stop looking outside. Go into yourself, ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night. Dig into yourself for a deep answer. You are more than what you think you are. A being so special, that holds meaning more than life itself.

In a world of immediacy, the willingness to live the questions of life with an acceptance of no immediate answer, to me, is wisdom.


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